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The Lemonade Project goes global…

The mission of the project is to enlighten and empower youth through the tools of science and art. By researching, designing and constructing site specific, action art projects, which are driven by digital data collected with CREATE Lab tools, The Lemonade Project not only brews citizen scientists, it cultivates future environmental leaders and educators.

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In Partnership with CREATE Lab, The Lemonade Project utilizes the CATFISH digital apparatus to measure the quality of water. The project works with 8-10 year-olds in different neighborhoods to create lemonade stands. But these are no ordinary lemonade stands. These kids have evaluated the water from various socio-economical regions (including their own) and the pricing of the lemonade is set accordingly. Carafes of lemonade organized by regions (similar to wine), are on display as a teach tool. Naïve passerbys who come to support a child’s financial endeavor—will instead receive a lecture on the environmental state of their surrounding neighborhoods!

Creating projects in both Pittsburgh and Baltimore, this project’s goal is to go global in the next couple of years, starting water quality science/art initiatives in Russia and South Africa. Sister Cities & Global Partnerships ArtUp continues to build upon itself. The cultural landscape and history of Pittsburghand Baltimore makes for a rich exchange. This Sister City exchange, which crosses the Mason Dixon line, is charged with building possibility through art. “Opportunity” often refers to a fleeting chance. By taking responsibility for our role in producing unequal opportunities, the Sister City exchange aims to build a system for probability through possibility.

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